4-07a - Granite

Milford Pink Granite

Masonry cladding: Structural elements

From the same quarry as the original McKim Mead and White structure. Provides a tactile connection to the history of the site.

4-07b - Limestone

Indiana Limestone

Masonry cladding: Nonstructural walls

Evokes sense of warmth, solidity. Provides tactile connection to Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building, and other architectural icons of New York.

4-07c - Copper

Weathered Copper

Roof shell and canopies

Evokes the passing of time. Same material as Statue of Liberty, New York’s iconic symbol of arrival. Patina harkens to pale green ceiling of main concourse at Grand Central Terminal.

4-07d - Slate


Interior flooring

Layered composition reflects the layers of underground construction in New York City.

Metal plate

Dark Bronze

Finish metalwork

Used for railings, storefronts, door hardware, other places where people come into physical contact with the building. Over time, metal will weather to show the years of human touch.

Fig. 4.07: Materials palette
Fig. 4.11: Materials palette

Brushed Stainless Steel

Conveyance systems, trusses and bracing

Same material as modern railcars; used for means of conveyance such as elevators and escalators. Evokes modern technology, sense of movement.